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RIP Chester Bennington – You Will Always Be Missed

Linkin Park has been my favourite band since I was 13 years old (I’m now 30). Since the moment I saw the music video for One Step Closer and saw Chester Bennington’s flame tattoos going up his forearms and Mike Shinoda’s bright-red, spiked hair, I have loved them.

My “Most-Likely-To” in my high school yearbook was to “strap herself to the Linkin Park tour bus.” For my honeymoon, my husband and I did basically that, following Linkin Park around in our car, eventually running out of money and having to sleep in the car and eat hot dogs cooked on a camp stove in Walmart parking lots.

Every new album, Linkin Park reinvents themselves with a new sub-genre or new genre entirely. And every new album, I am blown away by how amazingly talented and true to themselves the band is, both individually and together. I love each and every one of their songs, each for different reasons. From b-sides like My December to the ever-popular In The End. From before they were even called Linkin Park and went by Hybrid Theory to their newest and most different album One More Light.

This morning I got a notification on my phone. Someone had tagged me in the comments of a TMZ post. I read the headline in a daze. I read the first few sentences. My husband walked into the room to me throwing my phone across the room saying “no, no, no. It can’t be true.” I burst into tears.

In a daze, I went downstairs into the kitchen to make myself some lunch. And as my water boiled for my soup, I went on Twitter to see that Mike Shinoda had confirmed the news. I went numb.

I haven’t brought myself to listen to any of their music yet. I don’t think I can handle hearing Chester’s voice quite yet. But I needed to do something, so I turned to my form of therapy; writing.

RIP Chester Bennington

Rest in peace Chester Bennington. You are amazing. You are loved.

My condolences to those who knew him personally. To his band mates and friends. To his wife. And most especially to his children.


Love and sadness,

One of your many Street Soldiers.


The Decline of Worth

Nothing has worth anymore. Or at least, most things have very little worth.

It used to be that a consumer must choose 2 out of 3 when it comes to services: quality, speed and cost. If one wanted quality and speed then the service or product would be more costly. If one wanted a cheap price tag and they needed it quick, then the quality would suffer. You get the idea. So many people now expect the whole package. They don’t just want a quality product made in little time for cheap — they expect it. And if they don’t get it, they are being “ripped off.”

And it’s bringing our downfall.

If one expects the services or products they get to be cheap, or even free, then when they turn around to offer a service or a product, you can bet that their customers/clients are going to want it for cheap or free as well!

The more we as a society devalue the time, effort, and expertise of other people, the more individuals will not only feel like they are worthless, but they will not have what they need to survive.

And yes, I know very well the argument that people don’t have the money to spend on these services and products. I live there. I can’t afford much beyond the basics. Pay my mortgage. Pay my bills. Buy food on sale. Wear the same clothing until they fall apart. I know. Believe me. But if you truly cannot afford to pay the price, then don’t get it. Or search out a cheaper option. Don’t just complain that you’re being ripped off. You’re not being ripped off. You just can’t afford it.

Continually devaluing someone else’s time and effort and WORK just means that your time and effort and WORK will be devalued. So in the end, who’s truly being ripped off?

All of us.



Sorry for the rant.

This topic has been causing me a lot of anxiety lately, and I’ve watched people I care for suffer for the same reason. I think it has become an epidemic for large companies to offer everything super cheap because that’s what people want. It just means that all the little guys get screwed over and, as a result, so does everyone. If things are priced lower than the cost to produce, then how will any of us get ahead?

New Year, New Home, New Goals

We’re finally in our house!

  • The Kitchen!
  • Dining Room!
  • Living Room!
  • Master Bedroom!
  • Ensuite!
  • Tupperware!

(Do you think I have enough Tupperware? Probably not…)

We moved in on December 30th, so we got to bring in the new year in our new home. I am currently writing this in my half-setup new office! Woo, first time home owning!

Anyway, now for something not as exciting… I failed at my 2015 goal of finishing a full first draft of a novel. I know, I know… LAME! But I did get further than I ever have before, so that’s something right?

But now it is 2016, and I am setting the bar even higher! (Then, even if I don’t reach it, I will probably get further than I did this year. That’s my problem… Not setting the bar high enough!) This year I am going to PUBLISH my first book. Crazy, I know. I’m going to dive right into The Tree of Eternity and get this book DONE. New year, new home, new (lofty) goals!

How am I going to do this? I’m going to write. And edit. And write. And edit. REPEAT. Until I am done. Then I am going to put it out into the world and see what happens. Oh, and start writing my next book (Which will be the first of a trilogy that I am super excited about!).
I better get to work!

What are your goals for 2016? Comment below so I can stay on your case 😛 (And please stay on mine!)

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